My Statement on the Hate of Things

There is so much hate going on. Hate is so infectious and insidious. Hate truly begats hate.

Furthermore, we’ve all done it in some form or another. Denial is no formula for success.

We always manage to justify it somehow. Or blame someone else.

Hate takes different forms:

  • Racial
  • Religious
  • Political
  • I’m sure many others.

Everyone is offended, and everyone is on the offensive, with no clear markers of progress or resolution. It almost seems as if some entity benefits from us being at each other’s throats.

Everyone must be disarmed of all weapons of indifference and denial.

Let no outside influences cause any further rifts in our society.

Let no one profit from it.

Whether we are a group of nations working as a team for advancement, or a true globalist society working to make the world a better place… let us be humans first, and isolate technology, advancement, and scientific progress away from hate and polarity.

It is crucial to our survival as a species.


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